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The spraying concept from danfoil

Innovation – still

The danfoil sprayer represents, with the patented atomizer technique, innovation within the sprayer market. The concept was introduced in 1984, and has later been developed further. The danfoil sprayer is an air sprayer, i.e. uses air as a medium to create fine droplets, unlike conventional hydraulic sprayers and air-assisted sprayers.

The danfoil system is, because of the special patented principle, very friendly to the environment, thanks to a highly reduced chemical consumption. Additionally, the business economics is significantly improved when comparing to conventional sprayers. The reason for this is partly because water consumption is reduced (increased capacity per tank full) and that chemical usage is reduced and partly because it is not required to change the atomizers as the traditional sprayers require, because they wear out or the sprayer must be adjusted to a new task.

The functioning of danfoil field sprayers

The first hydraulic sprayers in Europe were introduced more than 100 years ago, and the basic components of conventional sprayers haven’t changed over the last several decades. They all have tanks, pumps, hoses, pipes, and nozzles. The behavior of the conventional sprayers is that the liquid is pressed by hydraulic pressure through a small hole in the nozzle, whereby it is atomized and distributed.

The Danish-produced danfoil sprayer, which is an air sprayer, represents with the patented atomizer principle innovation within the market.

Just like conventional sprayers, a danfoil field sprayer has a tank, pump, and pipes, but no nozzles. Instead of nozzles, which can be found in numerous sizes and shapes for conventional sprayers, there is only one atomizer for a danfoil sprayer. The atomizers job is to distribute the liquid. Immediately before the atomizer, the flow is throttled, and thereby controlled. By using air pressure to press air past an atomizing plate in which the liquid is, the liquid is atomized and droplets are formed from the lower edge of the atomizing plate. Therefore the sprayer is an air blower, which through a fiberglass pipe/aluminum pipe creates and overpressure in the atomizer.

Deposit of liquid in top and bottom of crop

When spraying on an open field, with little or no crops, air ensures that the droplets reach the soil and is distributed through horizontal air movements. In larger crops, the air ensures increased spray deposits in both the top and bottom of the crops, as well as the upper side and underside of the leaves, by creating turbulence around the plants. In contrast, a conventional sprayer only deposits the majority of the spray on the top of the crop and the upper-side of the leaves. The deposit of liquid on the underside of the leaves make it easier for pesticides to penetrate and thereby by effective.

The table below shows the difference between a normal nozzle and the danfoil atomizer. The danfoil atomizer deposits 2½ times as many droplets on the upper-side of the plant and 6½ times as many droplets on the underside. At the same time, the size of the droplets on the upper-side is much finer with a danfoil atomizer. This equals better deposits and ultimately a more effective spraying.

Reduced consumption of chemicals

The danfoil system ensures an effective spraying and large capacity. It is possible, for a variety of spray tasks, to reduce the consumption of chemicals, when comparing to the amount used by a conventional sprayer.

This can be achieved by selecting a lower dosage or by selecting the same dosage, where possible, and reduce the treatment frequency. The effective utilization of the spray is achieved by a low water consumption of 30-60 l/ha, compared to 150-400 l/ha using a conventional field sprayer. Therefore the danfoil field sprayer provides savings in time, chemicals, and water – to the benefit of both the user and the environment.


Deposition on the top of the leaves with a hydraulic sprayer, 180 l/ha and 3 bar pressure and a danfoil sprayer, 50 l/ha and 25 cm wc

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