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JKI approval for danfoil concept

The German approval institute JKI (Julius Kuhn Institute) in Braunschweig (formerly known as BBA) has for many years been experts in approval of sprayers in Europe and many of the regulations, which are currently incorporated in various countries is mainly derived from JKI.

The basis of JKI’s approval procedure is the following standards: JKI (1-2.3.1, marts 1999.; EN 12761-1 januar 2002) and JKI (1-2.1 oktober 2004). In JKI’s approval procedure emphasizes that the sprayer distributes the spray liquid evenly from both the individual atomizer and tværfordelingen on the boom. In addition, tests are made of the residuals in the sprayer and the ability to dilute the residue via the clean-water tank. Furthermore, JKI approves the sprayer from a security angle, both in relation to working on the sprayer and road safety. Therefore it is also a clear stamp of approval of danfoils sprayer concept, when we were acknowledged and approved by JKI on the 19th March 2008 – the approval number is G 1796.

In the following there is a brief description of how danfoil obtained the approval from JKI.


Single atomizer flow

The first measuring point is the liquid flow from the individual atomizers. In the JKI standards, the permitted variation is +/- 5%, compared to the average of all atomizers on the boom. JKI has measured the deviations from the mean value of liquid flow from the atomizers on a new danfoil sprayer to be 4.93% at 35 l/ha, 4.68% at 50 l/ha, and 4.85% at 80 l/ha. Thus, danfoil stays within the limits of permitted variation.

Cross distribution measured on grooved table

Afterwards, JKI measures the danfoil sprayer’s tværfordeling. The standard EN 12761-1 requires the use of a so-called grooved table as a testing medium. In the guidelines the requirements for cross-distribution, that the variation coefficient must be less than 7% for one setting and below 9% for other recommended settings including boom height variations of +/- 100 mm.

JKI has conducted test of tværfordelingen of the danfoil sprayer with Eurofoil atomizers. At the, by danfoil, recommended setting, the results of the test on rillebordet, was variation coefficients from 3.93% to 8.24%. Thus Danfoil meets the requirements for a good cross-distribution which at the same time confirms the Eurofoil atomizers abilities. A test of the same sprayer, after one season of spraying, showed a variation coefficient very close to the results of the first test and within the requirements.

Residue and agitation

JKI has tested the danfoil field sprayer’s technical residue of spray liquid. The standard prescribes a maximum of 0.5% of tank-volume + 2 liters per meter. The danfoil sprayer, which was tested, was a ConCorde 24m with a 3.000 l. tank. This gives a maximum residue of 63 liters. Results from JKI showed a residual volume of 21.5 liters, which is far below the maximum limit.

Subsequently JKI tested the danfoil sprayers ability to dilute the residual liquid. The standard prescribes that the residual volume should be diluted 10 times. The test with the danfoil sprayer showed a 22 times dilution of the residual liquid.

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