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Danfoil - small Company with big ambitions

Since the first danfoil sprayer was introduced in 1984, things have only moved forward. Focus on research, development and new technology has ensured danfoil a leading position within the market for field sprayers. Our patented, and constantly improved, air-based technology guarantees that we are able to meet our customer’s demands for spray technology – and we like to be a few steps ahead.

Danfoil sprayers are used by more than 1,000 farmers in Scandinavia, the Baltic’s, Germany, and the rest of Europe. The combination of advanced technology, high capacity, and quality has made danfoil the preferred partner.

Danfoil – a company with a mission

The company’s mission is to develop, produce, and sell professional quality equipment that, on the basis of savings in labor resources, environment and economy, efficiently protects the end user’s crops both indoors and outdoors.

Danfoil a/s, is owned by the chairman of the board Christian Sørensen, Martin Sørensen and Lars Fogh. Thus the company is 100 % Danish-owned.

Danfoil a/s is a medium-sized company. Development, installation, service, and sales take place at the company’s address, whereas production of the parts are handled by subcontractors with high-tech production plants that are especially suitable for this purpose.

Danfoil’s target clientele consists mainly of larger farms, machinery cooperatives, horticulturists, small farms with special crops, and those who want to use the danfoil concept in their daily work. 50 % of Danfoil products are exported to local markets in Scandinavia, the Baltic’s and Germany.

Danfoil – a company moving forward

Within the last two years, Danfoil a/s has completed five significant projects, namely:

  • To obtain approval for the Danfoil concept following the present guidelines in Germany through the German institute JKI and following the future European standards within spray technology
  • To obtain drift reduction approval for Danfoil’s Eurofoil atomizer on 90 % drift reduction
  • To prove, through experiments, that the Danfoil sprayer concept, which is very different from conventional spray technology in several areas, can spray with a water consumption as low as 30-50 l/ha and still achieve the same, or even better, results
  • To prove, through customer surveys, its practical experience with Danfoil spray technology, in order to show that it is possible to achieve considerable savings in chemicals, fuel, time, and water consumption by using Danfoil spray technology
  • To secure the future of Danfoil, in order to develop Danfoil’s spray technology in the years to come and continue to be an influencing actor within the sprayer market

We are happy to find that all five projects have succeeded with very positive results.

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