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Danfoil - small Company with big ambitions​

Since the first danfoil sprayer was introduced in 1984, things have only moved forward. Focus on research, development and new technology has ensured danfoil a leading position within the market for field sprayers. Our patented, and constantly improved, air-based technology guarantees that we are able to meet our customer’s demands for spray technology – and we like to be a few steps ahead.​

​Danfoil sprayers are used by more than 1,000 farmers in Scandinavia, the Baltic’s, Germany, and the rest of Europe. The combination of advanced technology, high capacity, and quality has made danfoil the preferred partner.

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Jellingvej 14

DK-9230 Svenstrup J

Telefon: +45 98 67 42 33

E-mail: info@danfoil.dk

​CVR: 12811896

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