Why Danfoil?

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Danfoil is one of Denmark’s leading manufacturers within field sprayers, and not without reason. Our products is based on advanced technology, which ensures optimal spraying – year after year. The secret behind our field sprayers is something as simple as air. With a danfoil field sprayer, the driving force is not liquid, but instead air pressure. In this way, we ensure that the water and chemicals are deposited on the whole plant – and not only on the surface. The air is pushed, with high speed, through the atomizer, which ensures that the water and chemicals are deposited on the whole crop, guaranteeing a much more efficient spraying.

Concern for the environment

​Environmental concerns are important to danfoil. Due to the reduced consumption of water and pesticides, we have set the way for a more environmental farm. Even though liquid consumption is reduced with close to 90 %, a more efficient weed, disease, and fungicide control is achieved; to the benefit of both the farmer and the environment.


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We allow ourselves to say that you can achieve significant savings, which ultimately means an improved bottom line, with the danfoil spray concept.

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