Why Danfoil?

- a spray concept that benefits your bottom line!

Danfoil is one of the world's leading manufacturers of field sprayers, and not without reason. Our products are based on a simple technology that ensures our customers an optimal spraying - year after year. The secret behind our sprayers is something as simple as air ...

With the air as the primary driving force, you are guaranteed a high capacity. Even though you have reduced the liquid consumption in the sprayers by up to 90%, you are fighting weeds, disease, fungal attacks equal to or better than with conventional field sprayers. 

This benefits you, the environment and not least your bottom line.

We look forward to hearing from you again ...

With Danfoil's spray concept, significant savings can be achieved, which ultimately means an improved result on your bottom line. And we look forward to hearing your comments or questions as we are always ready to talk about your next investment in a field sprayer.

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