AirHammer is Danfoil’s largest sprayer. It is built to run non-stop 24 hours a day. With a capacity of 300 Ha per filling, it must only be tanked twice a day. The machine has been developed together with our partners, who have many years of experience in chassis production and development for the tough conditions in Eastern Europe. With its bogie chassis (produced by German Zunhammer), AirHammer offers a good comfort and a stable andcalm boom. The design is designed for HeavyDuty conditions, and user-friendliness and service are top priority.

Benefits you can not get around

When the driver is in the fields with an AirHammer he has a huge spraying capacity. With a 10,000 liter tank, he can spray up to 300 hectares per day filling. The high capacity is due to a low fluid consumption of 30 to 50 liters per hectare. AirHammer can be fitted with a seperate filling pump, and filling can therefore be completed in 15 minutes.

Fully automatic cleaning programs

The sprayer is equipped with intelligent electric valves and therefore the driver no longer need to go out of the cab to operate the sprayer. Everything is done by pressing a button on the DSC screen. The 3 fully automatic programs ensure optimum cleaning of the sprayer after each spraying, and that the residual fluid can be evenly distributed on the ground.

AirHammer beats all other sprayers when it comes to capacity!

With the self-steering rear axle, AirHammer operates well in the headland. The air brakes allow driving up to 40 km / h on the road. AirHammer is equipped with LS (load sensing), and all boom control features are of course proportional - providing unrivaled boom control even on demanding fields and at high speeds. AirHammer is offered with a 2-folded 36m boom, so folding is quickly done.

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