Airforce 1​​

Airforce 1 Self-propelled sprayer is developed together with our partners, who have many years’ experience producing and developing self-propelled sprayers. Airforce 1 is developed with expert knowledge, practical experience and innovation, which the spray pilot can clearly benefit from. With Airforce 1 you get not only high reliability, but also sublime comfort, superior capacity and a user-friendliness like no other.


With an Airforce 1 comes also an enormous spray capacity. The 4600 liter tank ensures a capacity up to 153 ha per filling, and with a 6600 liter the capacity is up to 220 ha. This very high capacity is due to the low liquid consumption from 30 to 50 l/ha.

Automatic cleaning programs

The sprayer is equipped with electric valves that automaticly operates the 3 washing programes Everything is done simply by pressing an icon on the DSC screen

The Airforce 1 has without doubt the highest capacity on the marked

When spraying in high crop like e.g. rape or corn the pilot avoids unnecessary damage of the crop due to the high ground clearance, this ensures the pilot optimal conditions for his spraying job. Among others, the Airforce 1 is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, LS-Steering, John Deere engine Tier 4 Final with AdBlue for optimal operation, and clean water tank, to ensure an efficient cleaning of the sprayer. Further it is equipped with the latest Claas cabin.

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