Front tank​

If you need extra capacity, you can advantageously install a front tank, of either 1,500. or 1,900l. This increases the capacity by between 40-60ha.

The front tank is delivered both with and without agitation.

Flexi tank​

Flexi tank is part of our front tank program, but differs from the other front tank solutions in the way, that it does not need to be combined with a sprayer.

This is because the Flexi tank unit is equipped with its own pump and dosing unit, which means that it can work independently or in combination with other tools / units - there for the name Flexi tank, as it is a very flexible solution. It can be used, for example, for applying pickling agent to potatoes during sowing, for liquid fertilizer on various implements for sowing maize, cereals, etc .. Spraying against weeds or application of bacteria and micronutrients in connection with sowing, harrowing and the like. For band spraying and dual line spraying. Only the imagination sets the limits of its possibilities of use.​

Flexi tank, like our other front tanks, is available in a 1500 and 1900 liter version.

Flexi tank is built almost like a sprayer without a boom. It has its own pump, which is driven hydraulically just like our other sprayers. The dosing unit is operated via our standard monitor with pressure screen and is also equipped with automatic washing programs and an associated clean water tank. Flexi tank can be equipped with 1, 3 or 5 section valves and can run section control via GPS. It is also equipped with Prime function so that the boom / distribution unit is automatically emptied of clean water at start-up.​

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