​ConCorde II​

High capacity

The combination of simplicity and functionality makes the ConCorde II the most attractive and modern trailed field sprayer on the market. We did not compromise throughout the development and have only used quality components. Which means it lasts longer and the maintenance costs are low. The functionality is well thought out from a-z, why it is easy to operate and service the ConCorde II. ConCorde II is equipped with Eurofoil atomizers.


With a Danfoil ConCorde II, the pilot has an enormous spray capacity. He can cover up to 100 ha per filling, this is due to the very low liquid consumption, from 30 – 50 l/ha. There is no alternative to the danfoil ConCorde II with this capacity; the pilot can optimize his spraying jobs making on time spraying not using his time filling the tank. Furthermore the sprayer has a significant lower weight and can therefore easier work in wetland areas.

Automatic cleaning programs

The sprayer is equipped with electric valves that automaticly operates the 3 washing programs. Everything is done simply by pressing an icon on the DSC screen.

Load Sensing as standard

The ConCorde II trailed sprayer is easy to connect and disconnect and requires no use of PTO. All ConCorde II sprayers are equipped with LS proportional hydraulic (Load Sensing) as standard, which operates fan, pump, and all remote hydraulics. It is important that the tractor is equipped with LS and is able to deliver 90 liters at 190 bars, at least.​

Thoughtful design

ConCorde II trailed field sprayer can be mounted to the tractors drawbar, where ball coupling system or hitch can be selected. The sprayer comes with a steady draw, but can be delivered with TrackControl- self tracking drawbar, as extra equipment. The integrated double fan, as well as the booms, are controlled precisely by the powerful parallel lift. The tank contains 3,000 liters. The pump is a 160 l diaphragm pump with 4 chambers. From the pump, the spray liquid is guided through the filter and flow meter to 7 section valves, which then supplies the Eurofoil atomizers on the boom. The boom is two parted and is available from 20 to 28 m width. The inner- and outerboom is made of aluminum. This guarantees a light and stable boom. As an additional security, the boom is hanging in a pendulum suspension, which is stabilized by shock absorbers. The position of the boom can be adjusted using a kipcylinder. Height adjustment, folding and unfolding of the boom is regulated hydraulically from the control box.

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