ConCorde 4, Danfoils newest field sprayer​

The top model ConCorde 4 has a 4.000 l tank, and thus a capacity of over 130 ha in one filling.

A corresponding conventional sprayer must hold approx. 20.000 l of water to have the same capacity – this makes ConConde 4 perhaps the largest single-axle sprayer on the market.

The ConCorde 4 has rear axle wheel steering, which ensures precise track following and a very stable boom. The drawbar and rear axle are suspended for a comfortable ride. The 2m high wheels on the sprayer provides low ground pressure and a clearance of approx. 1 m.

The 400 l clean water tank is located at the front of the sprayer - together with the very light SilverGlider boom, it ensures a good weight transfer to the rear axle of the tractor, even when the sprayer is empty. The water in the clean water tank is of course heated, which ensures efficient cleaning of the main tank.

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