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With the DSC Injection system, it is possible to dose and add up to five different pesticides at the same time as the spraying. You can either use the system as a supplement to a tank mix or run with clean water in the tank. The idea behind the product is that it should be easy to give different spray treatments to different areas in the same field.

In this way, the time in the field is considerably optimized, while at the same time a financial saving is achieved. By keeping water and plant protection separate, waste of plant protection residues is avoided, and up to five dosing pumps can be controlled with great accuracy.

Clear benefits

Water and plant protection are kept separate, plant protection is stored separately in shockproof containers. This avoids problems with residual amounts in the water tank and spray system.

No waste of plant protection, precisely because water and plant protection first mix in the manifold. Thus, the remnants of the plant protection, after completed or interrupted spraying task, can be saved for the next spraying.

Control of up to 5 dosing pumps allows you to choose an injection system that suits the individual user's needs. The system can be supplied from 1 to 5 pumps.

Rapid medium change means that it is very simple to change from one medium to another. Thus, it is possible to mix up to 5 different pesticides simultaneously, and individual dosing

Dosage of water and plant protection are continuously adjusted during spraying, and can be changed independently of each other, this is done by means of a user-friendly display, located in the tractor's cab.

Simple and automatic cleaning of the spray system is done without any problems and means that the user

immediately after can proceed to the next spraying task.

Great flexibility in the spraying task as the injection system, combined with danfoil's spraying program, allows you to perform a full day of spraying work without the user having to return to the base for filling or cleaning - thereby achieving a significant time saving

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